NAS Cosmetics Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve heard that “Natural” and “Mineral” doesn’t necessarily mean quality or good makeup.  Do NAS Cosmetics products have nasties in them even though they’re natural?

NAS Cosmetics is very thorough and fussy on the quality of our products.  Our customers don’t need yet another ‘Natural’ and/or ‘Mineral’ makeup that they feel cheats them!  For this reason, we have listed all of our ingredients in the ‘Our Products’ section at the footer of our pages.  To fill a gap in the market, we do use some ingredients that are not natural but are also NOT harmful. We have had to use a minute amount of  propylene Glycol in our Mascara as we have not (to date) been able to produce a completely natural mascara that is effective 🙁  We will keep working on this!


What is the SPF rating of NAS cosmetics?

NAS have chosen not to rate our products.  We are only too aware that the SPF protection against UVA & UVB rays is dependent on the amount of product/s used.  A single NAS Cosmetics product that has its own natural SPF protection that may be combined with other NAS Cosmetics products, can increase that protection.


Are all NAS products Vegan?

NAS Cosmetics loose powder products are all Vegan including Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Veil, Highlighter, Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow.  Our lipsticks contain a fantastic by-products from the bee – beeswax, thus making it non-vegan.  It’s a vital ingredient in some of our products as not only is it a great source of vitamin A, but it has wonderful conditioning properties, and an anti-inflammatory action to name a few. However, our products are NOT tested on animals!


Is NAS Cosmetics MADE and OWNED in Australia?

It proudly is :’-) xx



Does NAS Cosmetics use talc, bismuth oxychloride or palm oil?

Not a chance!  At AS Cosmetics we understand the ramifications of using these ingredients and know the complications associated with the use of cosmetics containing these ingredients.  NAS prides itself on the quality of our ingredients.


How do NAS Cosmetics last all day?

NAS Cosmetics uses the finest ingredients sourced from all over the globe and ensures that the particle size used are micro particles rather than nano-particles.  Micro particle minerals rest on the top layer of skin and are not absorbed.  When particles are milled to nano size they are absorbed and tend to disappear quickly throughout the day.



Why does it feel like you’re not wearing makeup with NAS Cosmetic products?

Being loose mineral powder and because of the quality of ingredients, they allow the makeup to remain light to wear and hence allow your skin to breathe while wearing them.


Why are your products not “Organic”?

By nature, minerals cannot be organic as they are not a living organism.


Does NAS Cosmetics adhere to labour standards for producing products?

NAS Cosmetics does not entertain business relationships with any domestic or foreign companies that use child labour.


How does NAS Cosmetics makeup work with acne?

The Zinc Oxide component of our products have earned an FDA approval of its use as a skin protectant.  NAS Cosmetics has worked extremely hard to produce products that have healing properties and that won’t clog pores.  NAS Cosmetics produce unique products that allow your skin to breathe and heal naturally and in turn, allow damaged skin and acne to heal and repair.


How do I write a review?

At NAS Cosmetics, we love our customers to write reviews!  In order to maintain superior products, we need your input.

  • NAS has a “Google Review” button at the top of our home page 🙂
  • We not only ask that you take a moment to write a review for us, but to also read some of inspiring NAS Cosmetics reviews
  • NAS Cosmetics encourage your feedback; it helps us grow!


I can never seem to find the right colour for me.  Can NAS Cosmetics help?

At NAS Cosmetics, we have created our foundations in line with the Fitzpatrick Skin Guide (to work in unison with the skin clinics).

  • Go to The Colour Assist bar on the home page located just under the “Featured Products”.  Click to download
  • Read the instructions at the top
  • Answer the questions to find your skin type number
  • Our foundations correspond to the Fitzpatrick Skin Type numbers, to assist Skin Clinics to work in unison with us.
  • All NAS Cosmetic Mineral Foundations correspond with these Skin Types.  Now you can find a colour to suit 🙂


How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order will be packed and dispatched within 2-3 business days.