“Explore and savour the delights of makeup and colour that reflect the endless possibilities that you are!  Sourced from around the globe, our 100% pure luxurious minerals reflect light – like millions of tiny diamond mirrors – to hide fine lines and discolorations”.


Jennifer Hinds

Founder, Formulator and CEO

It’s our pleasure to indulge you in the delights of Natural | Australian | Safe makeup range, NAS Cosmetics. As an International and National Award-Winning brand, we are dedicated to formulating healthy and safe makeup second to none in performance and healthy skin management. Relish in holistic products that allow your skin to breathe, heal and function naturally.

From the beginning we created an innovative company dedicated to chemical free and toxic free products.  We took the time to ask women what they really want and expect from their makeup.  We listened.  Working with those expectations we developed a unique formula and meticulous blend to create an incredible range that women love.

It’s time to get savvy!

Defy Ageing. Embrace NAS Beauty.