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  • Victoria Rose Avatar
    Victoria Rose

    THIS. So good I could almost lick the pot. ?But I won't because it's a NAS Pencil-in-a-Pot (Latte).Bought this little pot on 20 Nov 2017. Wore it almost every day since then. Here it is 13 June 2019 and I may finally have to declare... read more -

    Kristin Sanderson Avatar
    Kristin Sanderson

    These products are just gorgeous! I left my foundation and concealer at home a couple of days ago and used some concealer I had I my handbag! (It's a bit like that drawer you have in your bathroom vanity! You know,... with all the makeup... read more -

    Tammy Johnson Avatar
    Tammy Johnson

    I would Highly recommend this product to anyone they have Amazing and Beautiful products.. -

    Libby Salmon Avatar
    Libby Salmon

    Love this makeup! Especially the concealer which my daughter took!!! -

  • Libby Salmon Avatar
    Libby Salmon

    I love NAS Cosmetics! I hardly ever wear makeup but when I do I like knowing that there are no chemicals in the products 🙂 -

    Annette Poke Avatar
    Annette Poke

    Jen has formulated an amazing product. No creases, no cracks, light on the skin, doesn't come off unless you want it to and every so cost effective. Have a workshop so totally recommend the experience. You won't buy your makeup anywhere else. -

    Emma Boehm Avatar
    Emma Boehm

    As a young mum this product has been a savior! Full coverage that only takes a few minutes to apply yet covers the bags effortlessly. The concealer is magical, making you feel and look naturally flawless and blemish free. I used the full range throughout... read more -

    Patricia Schwarz Avatar
    Patricia Schwarz

    Found these great products. All natural and safe to use on your skin. Had my makeup done and it didn't feel like I was even wearing any makeup.At Carrara Markets near food stalls. Go say hi to Jenny and give it a go. -

  • Canice Harridge Avatar
    Canice Harridge

    BEST natural makeup I have ever used. Thanks Jen for making a Natural Australian Safe makeup for us Aussies. Love how it feels on my skin. -

    Carol Janac Burke Avatar
    Carol Janac Burke

    Yes would recommend NAS Cosmetics, iv just been introduced to this wonderful natural product and absolutely love it. Iv been using makeup since my teens and now in my 70’s and this is the best , easy to apply , lasting all day and night... read more -

    Erika Di Luigi Avatar
    Erika Di Luigi

    I love NAS Cosmetics!! I have had acne for my whole life and this is the ONLY makeup that not only lasts all day and gives my skin a natural glow, but helps to heal and soothe my skin. I recently tried the Oil Primer... read more -

    Debra Yuille Avatar
    Debra Yuille

    Natural, Australian, Safe, protection from Sun, look great, water resistant. What else can I say except I've been using NAS for maybe 3 years now. Love the product and the ethos of the company!! Highly Recommend!! -

  • Anni Diamond Avatar
    Anni Diamond

    Jennifer from NAS is amazing. She is generous with her time and information and her product is awesome. I use it myself and I have it in my business and my customers love it. Do yourself a favour... read more -

    Catherine Plush Avatar
    Catherine Plush

    ����� Thanks to Jennifer from NAS with all her hard work & passions to share her amazing beautiful Makeup Range & I cannot wait to add more to my own NAS make-up to use for me too! From Catherine ����� -

    Elise Marie Welsh Avatar
    Elise Marie Welsh

    Wow!! What amazing products, I was so impressed with tonights makeup party and quality of cosmetics!! Highly recommend ����� -

    Jodie-anne Molloy Avatar
    Jodie-anne Molloy

    I'm still in love with the products I've tried. So far my fave is the pencil in a pot. It fills in my thinning eyebrows beautifully and is very long lasting. Plus I can use as an eyeliner as well. I've even used it as... read more -




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