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  • Libby Salmon Avatar
    Libby Salmon

    I love NAS Cosmetics! I hardly ever wear makeup but when I do I like knowing that there are no chemicals in the products 🙂 -

    VC Diamond Avatar
    VC Diamond

    Absolutely in love with these beautiful products.The foundation is like you have a second skin.. a beautiful coverage without the weight of a traditional foundation.Jen’s service was second to none. I highly recommend NAS Cosmetics. -

    Charlene Maree Avatar
    Charlene Maree

    I love NAS products, I would never use another foundation again! Products are light and feel like you’re barely wearing makeup but have amazing coverage...this is rare to come by. -

    Angela Banfield Avatar
    Angela Banfield

    Luv my new mascara � thank you for the fun night -

  • Merilyn Robertson Avatar
    Merilyn Robertson

    I have been using NAS now for over 2 yrs & I just love it.
    But as I had other cosmetics I wanted to use them up to.
    Mon to Fri I used the old stuff & on weekends I used NAS..
    I should have binned the old...
    read more

    Libby Salmon Avatar
    Libby Salmon

    Love this makeup! Especially the concealer which my daughter took!!! -

    Isabella Flanagan Avatar
    Isabella Flanagan

    I've been using the Ebony 2 Ivory mineral powder and blush for over a year now after finding their stall at the Burleigh Markets. Hands down best natural make up ever. My number 1 choice! I wear it every day and usually lasts me for... read more -

    Tammy Johnson Avatar
    Tammy Johnson

    I would Highly recommend this product to anyone they have Amazing and Beautiful products.. -

  • Rommie Buhler Avatar
    Rommie Buhler

    I absolutely love these products. I could probably say this about all of NAS products learnt to use this weekend, but the foundation has been a real challenge for me previously and this is by far the best I've ever owned. The coverage is amazing... read more -

    Carla Seirlis Avatar
    Carla Seirlis

    Products and service is second to none. Covers really well without the heaviness that other products feel.Thanks -

    Lesley Slattery Avatar
    Lesley Slattery

    Love the products. Natural, easy to apply and long lasting. Won't use anything else -

    Kaylene Tidswell Avatar
    Kaylene Tidswell

    NAS Cosmetics
    Natural Australian Safe
    Is simply the very best healthy & safe Cosmetics to use and put on your face and skin !
    Feels and looks soooo good on !
    So good for your skin !
    Without the nasty harmful stuff !
    NAS Cosmetics is...
    read more

  • Debra Yuille Avatar
    Debra Yuille

    Natural, Australian, Safe, protection from Sun, look great, water resistant. What else can I say except I've been using NAS for maybe 3 years now. Love the product and the ethos of the company!! Highly Recommend!! -

    Joneen Fuller Avatar
    Joneen Fuller

    Fantastic products. Has really helped reduce the redness in my skin. Jen is super friendly and helpful. Thoroughly recommend!! -

    Angela Pickering Avatar
    Angela Pickering

    Fantastic make up, doesn’t have the heavy feel that the usual brand ones do, so you almost forget you are wearing it. Great range of products as well as foundation. Love my NAS!? -

    Candesa Scarff Avatar
    Candesa Scarff

    Love the natural coverage and my skin feels moisturised all day rather than dry like it used too using other liquid foundation products ? -




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