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NAS Cosmetics Wins Best Sweat-Proof Makeup at Prevention Australia 2023 Fitness Awards

A Remarkable Journey from Kitchen to Award-Winning Makeup Empire.

Gold Coast-based NAS Cosmetics, an Australian-owned and operated company, continues to make waves in the cosmetics industry with their latest triumph at the esteemed Prevention Australia 2023 Fitness Awards. The brand has clinched the highly coveted “Best Sweat-Proof Makeup” award, solidifying their reputation as a leader in the field. Hosted by renowned health and wellness publication Prevention Australia, the Fitness Awards recognise excellence in various categories related to fitness wellness and beauty. NAS Cosmetics’ victory in the Cosmetics category serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering high-performance makeup products that can endure the demands of an active lifestyle.

At the heart of NAS Cosmetics’ success lies their award-winning product, the Cashmere—like Mineral Foundation, which has captured the attention and admiration of beauty enthusiasts. This exceptional Sport Performance foundation is formulated with natural and safe ingredients, providing flawless coverage that lasts all day, ensuring a radiant complexion. What truly sets it apart is its remarkable sweat-proof formula, making it the perfect choice for individuals leading active or fitness-centric lives or those seeking makeup products that stand the test of time.

Makeup artist Kat Williams. Who has 13 years of experience in the industry, raves about NAS Cosmetics, stating “Being ‘Sport Performance’ formulated and now recognised as the ‘Best Sweat-Proof Makeup,’ NAS Cosmetics products are a makeup artist’s dream! The foundations themselves are easy to apply, delivering a polished and radiant finish. To create a flawless canvas for my clients every time, here’s my secret: I use the Hydrating Primer, which perfectly complements the NAS award—winning Mineral Foundation. I follow that with the Balancing Concealer to cover skin imperfections and then finish the canvas with the Camera-Ready Finishing Veil to set the look. These products are simply exceptional. Working with them is an absolute pleasure, bringing any desired look to life with ease. I cannot recommend these products highly enough. Truly, they are a dream to work with.”

NAS Cosmetics’ journey from humble beginnings to becoming a true powerhouse in the makeup industry is defined by their unwavering commitment to quality, safety and the use of natural ingredients. This prestigious award underscores the brands’ dedication to empowering individuals and creating economic opportunities through their Brand Partnership program.

Jennifer Hinds, the visionary behind NAS Cosmetics embarked on this extraordinary venture following her personal heath struggles with mainstream makeup brands. Driven by the determination to create a line of clean cosmetics free from harmful ingredients, she fearlessly challenged the industry giants, crafting her own formulation from scratch in her kitchen. Reflecting on her early days, Jennifer shares, “I walked the shopping centres talking with women and taking surveys to find out what they really wanted from their ‘ideal’ makeup products. It was very revealing, and time well spent as the information gathered formed my criteria list to begin the formulating process. Each morning as my boys would toddle off to school, I would wheel my workbench out and formulate. The boys would come home, and both the kitchen and I would be covered in powder.”

“We are thrilled and honoured to receive this prestigious accolade,” says Jennifer. “Our Sport Performance Mineral Foundation has been specifically formulated for durability, providing our customers with reliable and sweat-proof makeup throughout their most rigorous physical activities.”

This latest recognition adds to NAS Cosmetics’ already impressive collection of awards and achievements. The company previously secured the highly acclaimed title of Best Makeup Brand at the China International Beauty Expo, demonstrating their global appeal and recognition. Additionally, NAS Cosmetics has been recognised as the esteemed national award winner for Merchant of the Year, further solidifying their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their operations.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, NAS Cosmetics remains at the forefront of driving positive change, focusing on creating high-quality, long-lasting makeup solutions. With their “Best Sweat-Proof Makeup” win at the 2023 Prevention Australia Fitness Awards, the brand establishes itself as a trailblazer in the cosmetics landscape. As an Australian-owned and operated company, NAS Cosmetics is dedicated to empowering individuals, promoting clean beauty and providing beauty enthusiasts with products that not only enhance their natural beauty but also endure their active lifestyles. With their Mineral Foundation being the #1 mineral makeup choice among makeup artists, NAS Cosmetics aims to become Australia’s leading household makeup brand – The Makeup that Makeup Wears!

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