Ever wonder what they use in your make-up to stop the bacteria and how it actually affects your health 

Of the 13,000+ chemicals used in cosmetics, only 10% have been safety tested and manufacturers are not required to release the testing data to the FDA ?

Triclosan is often used as a bactericide in cosmetics and many other personal care products. While studies have linked the chemical to heart disease, heart failure, disrupted muscle function, allergies, weight gain, inflammation and disrupted hormone function, a new study is the first to find a direct connection between triclosan and an increased risk of osteoporosis ?

Researchers believe the connection involves the thyroid. Triclosan interferes with thyroid function, and studies have shown that a thyroid imbalance can cause bone loss and increase a person’s risk of fracture ?

? SOLUTION: Find a reputable brand that has YOUR best interests at heart & STICK TO IT!

QUESTION: How many products can you find in your bathroom right now that contain triclosan?

Find out more about problematic ingredients that are probably in YOUR bathroom cupboard.

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