Tired of reapplying your cosmetics throughout the day Ever wondered WHY they absorb so quickly into your skin

PEG (polyethylene glycol)!!
This compound is petroleum-based and one that is used to make cosmetics absorb more quickly into the skin. ?

As a manufacturer, we can formulate really beautiful things, avoiding nasty chemicals. Products don’t have to absorb in 2 seconds flat and in the process … SAVE you MONEY!!

YES YOU GUESSED IT!! Absolutely it IS by design that you have to reapply your make-up during the day, let’s face it – the more often you apply, the faster you go through your products and the sooner you have to RE-PURCHASE ?

QUESTION: How often do you re-apply your cosmetics?

Find out more about the 11 problematic ingredients that are probably in YOUR bathroom cupboard right now.

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? SOLUTION: Find a reputable brand that has YOUR best interests at heart & STICK TO IT!